Our block layout foresters are the critical first “boots on the ground” that alert our planning staff about environmentally or culturally sensitive areas that may fall inside an area we were planning to operate.  While our layout staff automatically places protection on watercourses, this one north of Welsford, New Brunswick, was so beautiful and geologically interesting, she thought it should be included in our Unique Areas Program as well. This 1.2km (16 ha) stretch of watercourse runs into Three Bridge Brook and includes several small waterfalls encompassed within a ruggedly beautiful canyon. 

Care should be taken when travelling alongside the brook as wet rocks are a hazard. The start point is 2.3kms north of Bald Mountain Peak Lookout. With Sand Brook falls only a short distance away, you can spend all day discovering the gift of nature!

Take only photos, leave only footprints.

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