The Great Blue Heron, the park symbol, can be observed during most of the summer at the Bouctouche Dune. Some of the largest heronies in NB can be found just south of the Bouctouche dune, in Cocagne with 80 pairs and Shediac Island (200 pairs). Herons were once killed extensively because of a perceived competition for fish with humans.


One of the largest seabirds of the North Atlantic, the gannet is spectacular as it plunges into the sea in pursuit of fish. They can be observed at the Bouctouche Dune mostly in July and August. Gannets catch fish by diving from significant height (often over 100 feet) at high speeds (up to 60 miles per hour). They dive as deeply as 72 feet and can maneuver and swim underwater using both wings and feet.

Northern Gannets live about 25 years in the wild.