The trail to the top of the summit near Clarendon, New Brunswick, is about 500 metres.

It’s a fairly easy hike to the top through mixed wood stands, finally topping out amongst stunted spruce and fir. The views from the top are second to none in this part of the province, with a broad view of other peaks to the north and west. Time your hike for sunset and bring a camera as you’ll want to capture this extra special moment. Be prepared to take a few photos of Turkey Vultures (Cathartes aura) as they soar right above your head, catching thermals off the mountain. 

Local rock climbers made us aware of this spot quite a few years ago and this was reiterated by the members of the Oromocto Watershed Committee and thus placed into our Conservation Program in 2010.

There are two trails from the top that offer different views.  Please use caution on the trails as rocks are slippery when wet and roots are exposed in places.

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