Located on the Christie Brook near Sproule Lumber in Bible Hill, NS, this waterfall has a vertical drop of over 2 meters from a steep ledge into a deep, clear pool. From the top of this ledge, visitors can see fish swimming at the pool’s bottom. Though a less impressive waterfall during the late summer months, the worn rocks atop the ledge indicate a much more significant flow during the spring freshet. Given the well-beaten trail leading here, the location is a popular spot for activities such as picnicking, fishing, and swimming. Just to the left of the falls, on the same ledge, is a very small and shallow cavern that might be more accurately described as an overhang shelter, which appears to be used as a den for wildlife at times. Another feature of this site is found further downstream where the valley becomes increasingly narrow and steep. Here the stream has smoothed out interesting patterns shaped like parallel troughs in the sandstone bedrock, giving it a ribbed appearance.

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