This is an amazing geological formation! From an elevation of 330m above sea level, a flat plateau drops suddenly straight down into a deep gorge (150m) to the brook. The bottom of this gorge is shaped like the letter "U". This shape (much like the design of a theatre) allows even the most subtle of noises to be heard throughout the gorge, echoing off the rock walls.

The gorge has a 75m cliff face. In the winter, trained climbers go straight up the cliff on the ice that has formed. The walls of this formation are so deep and sheltered from the sun, snow was found on the site in late June! 

The surrounding forests of Hemlock, Spruce and Sugar Maple add to the impressive scenery and a closer look reveals some beautiful and unusual plants such as the rare Large-Round Leaved Orchid and the scattered Purple Trillium.  During a winter trip into the site in 2009, the company naturalist found a population of the very rare (S1) White Mountain Saxifraga (Saxifraga paniculata) clinging to a bare patch of high cliff wall.

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