Location:  Off Shepody Road , near Crow Brook 45°  34' 1.688"  -65°d 22' 4.959"

This cemetery was likely established in 1828 (based on earliest gravestone information) by the family of James Crow whose land grant this area fell on.  James came from Ireland with a few family members in 1818 and was granted a 50-acre (20 ha) section of land in 1834.  It is unknown why the cemetery is referred to as the “Crowe”, when clearly the gravestones have the family name “Crow” without the “e”.  In addition to the Crow family, there are other local families buried in this now seemingly remote area.  These include the Alexanders, McLaughlins, Pattons and Wallaces.

Up to the 1890s, the Shepody Road was the main stagecoach road connecting Saint John to the Riverside-Albert area (southeastern NB). As the road was poorly laid out with rough, steep hills, another route was built and the communities along the Shepody began to die out, with people leaving for Sussex and other larger communities.  It’s not uncommon for our staff to find rock piles as large as a small bungalow where generations of largely Irish immigrants carved a living out of the thin soils of this area.  If you are visiting, please respect this final resting spot.  Enjoy its beauty and tranquility and try to imagine the hard lived existence of these early settlers.

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