This site honors the late Thomas Reginald Marston who tragically lost his life during a plane crash while working to protect NB’s Forests from Spruce Budworm in the 1950’s.  The aircraft was a Grumman TBM – 3 Avenger, CF-IMJ, Tail # 600 operated by Skyway Air Services Limited.  Mr. Marston’s aircraft sadly  

On June 12th, 1958, Mr. Marston took off from an airfield in Juniper, NB and sadly he did not make his return.  His aircraft sadly went into an unrecoverable stall at low altitude. 

Mr. Marston who hailed from England flew as both a Fighter Pilot and a Glider Pilot in WWII.  The remains of the crash still exist today including wings and the engine compartment. 

This site can be found between Millville, NB and Hartland, NB. 

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