Our company has always been a large supporter of conservation efforts, either internally or through partnerships with groups such as Ducks Unlimited Canada.  When the federal government put together a proposal to expand the Portobello Creek National Wildlife Area to increase the ecological connectivity of this incredible wetland complex, J.D. Irving, Limited was all in. In addition to providing 178 hectares of land to the initiative, we maintain many unique wildlife areas, such as the Portobello Creek Floodplain Forest. This floodplain adds to the protection of species at risk, such as the Least Bittern, the Common Nighthawk, and the Canada Warbler, not to mention dozens of waterfowl that use this area as a breeding ground or critical migratory staging centre. In addition to its avian importance, the floodplain area hosts a number of unique flora, including the federally and provincially endangered Butternut Tree as well as the uncommon Bur Oak.

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