Situated along the St. John River between Nackawic and Mactaquac, this unique site in our Plants category has many unique species native the Acadian Forest and the St. John River Valley in a small area.  It owes its richness to a nutrient rich alluvial soil common throughout this region along the river. 

Here you will find hardwood tree species such as Butternut, Black and White Ash, and Black Cherry.  Among the Softwoods, you will find, Balsam Fir, Cedar, Eastern White Pine, White Spruce and Red Spruce.  Some of the hardwoods have reached sizes of more than 140 cm’s.  Pictured is a White Ash marked out as a Legacy Tree by one of our trained foresters.  It measures in at 125 cm’s.  If you look closely, you will see a hole in the tree. 

Look hard enough and you may find remains of old farms dating back to the late 1800’s such as rock pile fences marking property boundaries and old cedar fences. 

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