As you can appreciate, our woodlands staff walk through many forests in the course of their job, so when you get a call from a veteran staff saying they’ve “never seen anything like it”, it makes you sit up and take notice. One such call came from staff working near the Mactaquac dam head pond, north of Fredericton, New Brunswick.  The lower third of the site contains an impressive combination of butternut, ironwood, black cherry, black and white ash, mixed in with yellow birch, hemlock, white pine, and sugar maple.  Not only is the diversity of tree species impressive, but the sizes of the trees are extraordinary, with many ash over a 1 metre (39 inch) wide and white birch in the 80-90-centimetre (32-35 inch) wide range! 

Pictured is a 110-centimetre (43.3 inch) diameter white ash.

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