Saint’s Rest Beach: Discover amazing sunrises and sunsets along the one kilometer stretch of beach that links the mainland to the main peninsula of the Irving Nature Park! With the beautiful scenery of coastal shoreline, space and tranquility, Saints Rest Beach provides the ideal location to experience all that the Bay of Fundy has to offer. It makes for a great place to unwind, listen to the waves, and discover what it means to live by the ocean.

Seal Observation Deck: Strategically built and placed in the park, the Seal Observation Deck provides a magnificent view of the Bay of Fundy! While looking out onto the bay from the observation deck, you will see an island off in the distance. This island is known as Manawogonish Island and is owned and protected by the Nature Trust of New Brunswick as a seabird sanctuary.

As the name suggests, the Seal Observation Deck also provides an excellent opportunity to observe Harbour seals! As the tide recedes, look out onto the exposed rocks (Seal Rocks) and you are likely to see numerous seals laying out of the water in this location. Seal Rocks are well known haul-out sites for Harbour seals. Seals will use the rocks to completely come out of the water to rest, thermoregulate and protect themselves from predators. Truly a unique experience!